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Monday - Friday: 9am-5.00pm

William Herschel Museum, 19 New King Street, Bath. This is where the Planet Uranus was discovered by observing a green coloured star from the garden of this property. He was also the discoverer of Infra-red radiation, developed the theory of nebulas and the evolution of stars. He catalogued many binary stars and made important modifications to the reflecting telescope. Allow 2 - 3 hrs for the visit.

Herstmonceux Observatory, Hailsham, E Sussex. A great place to visit, allow a whole day. The site includes a hands-on science centre, giant telescopes, and sometimes an on site planetarium / lectures. Allow 4 - 6 hrs for the visit.

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Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich, London; Britain's oldest 'modern' astronomical observatory where the time zones of the world originated and full navigation at sea mastered. The museum is once again free, a small charge is made for the new high tech planetarium. Access available to the main telescope, the famous Octagon Room, and the original Harrison Clocks on display. Stand on the zero degrees meridian line; centre of the world time zones. The Maritime Museum and the River Thames is a short walk away down the hill. Allow at least 3-5 hrs for your visit.

Isaac Newton's Home, Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire. Newton spent a large portion of his life here. It is said he discovered the nature of light and invented the Reflecting Telescope from this house. Includes a gift shop. Allow 3 hrs for the visit

Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope, near Withington, Cheshire; Was once the world's largest steerable radio telescope. Easy to find 5 mins off the M6 junction 18. The site comprises of a hands-on child friendly science centre, gift shop etc. Allow 4-6 hrs for the visit

Rocket Site, Alum Bay, Isle of Wight; This is the home of Britain's rocket test site that eventually launched our own satellite into space from Woomera, Australia. From the 'chairlift' area at Alum Bay, walk or bus to the top of the hill in the distance; the very edge of the island. You will find 'Needle Old Battery' gates. Curve round on the road to the left and the remains of the rocket site will be seen. The site is fully open and free. Explore the underground museum and gift shop. Allow 3 hrs for the visit. 

Here is a simple listing of Space related places to visit throughout the UK. Feel free to email with other suggestions not mentioned here. To discover more about each site such as opening times, fees etc, just click on the left picture;  - all pics taken by Peter Bassett. All of these sites plus over 50 more are included in our book 'Outer Space across the UK & Ireland.' See the Books page on this website.

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland; Home of several telescopes and a planetarium. Allow 3-5 hrs for the visit

Leicester Space Centre, Leicestershire; Just off the M1, but allow a last minute fiddely route through Leicester. Displayed artifacts include British & Russian rockets, flown hardware, space suits, and a high tech planetarium. Allow 4-6hr for the visit