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Herne Primary School, Kent.

Just a quick message to say a huge thank you to Peter for Wednesdays visit! The children have not stopped mentioning facts they learnt and the feedback from parents has been brilliant!  Peter’s presentation has really enhanced the children’s learning and we look forward to being about to do the same again next year. 

Oakwood Park Grammar School
We have booked Peter for many years now for our year 7 class and it is one of the highlights of their year.  He is always on time, and never fails to excite and inspire the pupils. My own children remember him coming to school and when I tell them we have the Planetarium coming they normally refer to him as a 'legend'. Can't be bad!  

The dome he brings will depend on the size of class to which you wish him to present.  They will have a short talk outside ( he has examples of meteorites, model spacesuits, rockets, tins of beans on different planets...) and then go into the dome - they will need to sit quiet inside for about 45-50 minutes but it is an awe and wonder experience for many and there will be gasps oohs and aahs!  He is skilled at adapting to his audience so be sure to tell him exactly what you want him to cover.  We managed life and death of stars, the planets, latest space activity, constellations, galaxies and where to find them , eclipses and more in an hour!  He is responsive to his audience  and enjoys what he does. I heartily recommend this experience.  Mine want to do it all again.

Shakleton Primary School, Bedford.
The children thoroughly enjoyed Peter's visit. They learnt so much and can remember so many of the amazing facts that he taught them. We will definitely see Peter again in the future. Thank you.

The king’s School, Harpenden

Just to say a huge thanks for coming to our school on Tuesday. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and are still talking about it! They learnt a lot, and it was such a help to our year 5  children to reinforce what they have been learning. The presentation was professionally done, and although we got a little excitable at times, the children took in a vast amount of information. Thank you again for the visit and we look forward to having you back again!

Lutley Primary School, Halesowen, Birmingham. 
The children had a fantastic time and came away excited and chatting all about it. We want to say thank you again for the presentation. You linked our topic in extremely well and the children just lapped it up! Thank you for all of your effort and work when planning and presenting, not to mention the journey up here.It was a great morning, I speak for both children and staff. In sure we will see you again in the future. 

River Primary School, Dover.
The children really enjoyed it and had a very memorable learning experience. Hoping that we can book you again for next year  but I can't do it til next academic year's diary is available. Perhaps if you remember before I do , you could email me a reminder in September please? Thanks again and look forward to our next visit. Kind regards.

Priestmead Primary School, Harrow, Middx
We just wanted to send a quick email to say on behalf of all of us here at Priestmead thank you so much for your visit. The children loved it and were very enthusiastic about what they had learned. 

   School Feedback

Priory Fields School, Dover
Dear Peter and Amanda, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent visit we had on Friday 6th February. Our year 5's were so enthusiastic about the space dome and the presentation. We felt that the visit really complimented the learning going on in class, capturing their imaginations and has subsequently inspired great learning in class. Feedback from the children showed that they particularly liked seeing the rock samples and the most up-to-date footage. Thank you again for a great visit and we look forward to using you again in the future.

Sompting Abbots School, West Sussex
Dear Amanda, thank you so much, the children absolutely loved the experience and were filled with enthusiasm. I'm sorry I missed it as I was out of school that day! We will definately book you for the next time we have our space topic. 

Stonton Lower School, Beds

Thank you for your email and visit on Monday the 21st.  The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the planetarium and were pleased with their certificates at the end! We look forward to making further arrangements with you in the future.​

Vigo Village School, Kent

Thank you so much to you and to Peter for such an exciting and educational learning experience on Friday. It was the perfect start to our unit on Earth and Space and I was amazed by how much information Peter was able to put across. His enthusiasm is infectious; I must admit I had been rather dreading teaching the unit but now feel totally inspired and I'm looking forward to getting to grips it all. He was so patient with the children and did his utmost to keep them on task; I think they were just so over-excited by the experience. I hope he wasn't too scarred from his time with us! Thank you once again; we will most certainly recommend you to our colleagues and if I am in Year 5 again next year, will most definitely book a return visit.

St Paul's Primary School, King's Langley, Herts

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Peter for our recent astronomy roadshow. My class had an amazing time and enjoyed every second. They love this topic and learnt so much...they all had fun and were talking about it for the rest of the day. Thank you for all your correspondence leading up to Thursday and to Peter thank you for a funny, interesting and spectacular morning. I did not get a chance to thank him properly yesterday - he also left a book for us which was very kind - my class have already delved in. I will be in touch within the next year to organise the same for next year... Rachael

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