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The first record I ever bought.

  space related songs

I saw this played live at the Docklands Concert, London back in 1988.

An idea forwarded by a pupil at St Edwards Prep School in Reading. For a full-screen view, just click on the square box on the bottom right of each clip once it starts playing.

My very first favourite band from the 1970's

Brian May / Queen; 39. It's about time travel by travelling at almost the speed of light and returning to Earth decades later younger than the Grandchildren; a true effect under the right circumstances.

The line "Write your letters in the sand" was represented in the movie 'Interstellar' when the main character, Cooper, wrote a message in dust to his daughter who became older than him. 

David Bowie's Space Oddity by Astronaut Chris Hadfield - recorded on the International Space Station.

This is beyond description...

This is often played in our planetarium shows

This has to be the most inspirational piece of electronic music ever!

Do aliens exist? This was inspired by a UFO sighting the pop group witnessed