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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 1994

Below;  Britain's first astronaut; I have met Helen Sharman on several occasions at Schools, Colleges and Observatories.

 Dr Patrick Moore in 1995

Cosmonaut Alexandr Serebrov; 1997 

Professor Stephen Hawking; 2005

Over the years of operating The Astronomy Roadshow, I have been honoured to meet a few celebrities. All these have entered the dome and seen a presentation, not just met.. that's easy;  just turn up at an autograph signing event.

Matt Irvin; BBC Dr Who Special Effects; 1996

R2D2 from Star Wars; 2011

 celebrities that have entered the dome

Patrick answered the public's questions at the end of my talk; I was very honoured.

I was once asked by a child 'Are you famous?'

I replied 'Do you recognise me?' 

She said 'No!'  

I said 'Obviously not then!'