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Dr Suzie Imber; winner of BBC's Astronaut Selection program 2017. She has a copy of my Moon Hoax book too. February 2019.

Below; Suzie with Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Bruce McCandliss; the first human satellite; 1984, met him in 2005.. he passed away Dec 2017.

Here are a selection of people we have just met on our travels but not been in the dome as yet...

Dr John Brown 2013; Astronomer Royal for Scotland with Amanda

   celebrities met

Dave Scott drove the Lunar Rover on the moon in 1971

Dallas Campbell; BBC science presenter.. Feb 2018

Brian Cox in 2014; gave him my book on the moon landing hoax nonsense.

Dr Brian May in 2013; Astronomer and yes the one from Queen. His publicist has advised us on our book marketing and the Arizona Observatory.

Keir Dullea in 2006; from the movie 2001 A Space Oddysey (1968)

Dr Heather Couper in 1995; even camped alongside side her at a space event in Ashdown Forest. Her home-made wine was very nice.

Gary Lockwood in 1998; on the left below. Film 2001 A Space Oddysey. We purchased the painting in the background.

Kevin Fong; Astronaut Medic. Met him at the Bristol Planetarium in 2016. He has my book on the Moon Landing Hoax and liked it; phew!