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January 3-4,  Quadrantids
Around the March 21st… fireball season
April 21-22,  Lyrids
May 5-6,  Eta Aquarids
July 28-29,  Delta Aquarids
August 11-12,  Perseids
October 7,  Draconids
October 20-21,  Orionids
November 4-5,  South Taurids
November 11-12,  North Taurids
November 16-17,  Leonids
December 13-14,  Geminids

This page was an idea from Maybury Primary School, Woking, Surrey

We see shooting stars on any clear night. Wrap up warm, make yourself comfortable on a deck chair and look overhead. Most of the year you can see 2-5 shooting stars per hour. You have to be patient in this game. On some nights, 60 per hour will be seen; a meteor shower. On rare occasions, you can see hundreds or even thousands per hour; known as meteor storms. The best dates are around listed below. The hourly rate can vary, but these are the predictions for each year...

The best preserved meteor crater in the world.. Arizona 2019.

Some people around the world make a profession out of hunting for meteorites and selling them to the highest bidder. This normally starts out as a hobby to learn the trade...

Short cut to meteorites for sale

  meteors and meteorites