January 3-4,  Quadrantids
Around the March 21st… fireball season
April 21-22,  Lyrids
May 5-6,  Eta Aquarids
July 28-29,  Delta Aquarids
August 11-12,  Perseids
October 7,  Draconids
October 20-21,  Orionids
November 4-5,  South Taurids
November 11-12,  North Taurids
November 16-17,  Leonids
December 13-14,  Geminids

This page was an idea from Maybury Primary School, Woking, Surrey

We see shooting stars on any clear night. Wrap up warm, make yourself comfortable on a deck chair and look overhead. Most of the year you can see 2-5 shooting stars per hour. You have to be patient in this game. On some nights, 60 per hour will be seen; a meteor shower. On rare occasions, you can see hundreds or even thousands per hour; known as meteor storms. The best dates are around listed below. The hourly rate can vary, but these are the predictions for each year...


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The best preserved meteor crater in the world.. Arizona 2019.

  meteors and meteorites

Some people around the world make a profession out of hunting for meteorites and selling them to the highest bidder. This normally starts out as a hobby to learn the trade...