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Can flags really flap on the moon?
Why are there no stars in the dark lunar sky?
How can the astronauts survive the deadly radiation in space?
They couldn't have had the technology to go to the moon surely?
The moon rocks are fake aren't they?
They only stayed in earth orbit so there!
That Nazi Von Braun was behind it all!
And what about those wonky shadows?

Science is a complex subject and scientists do make mistakes as the Universe is so strange. But false conspiracies and bad science like this example make their job harder still.

A book (see books pages) is totally dedicated against the idea that the Moon Landings were just a big hoax. This is being sponsored and produced by The Astronomy Roadshow. This is dedicated to the bravery of all the Mercury, Gemini & Apollo astronauts involved. Some lost their lives in training such as Elliott See, Charles Bassett, and the Apollo 1 crew. It is disgusting that some people just sit around, claim it was all fake and the astronauts were lying; from the comfort of their chairs. Other people who are not experts in this field start to believe them and spread this rumour further, then end up embarrassing themselves when they learn otherwise.

This is a pure scientific explanation of where the hoax supporters are going wrong. It is important to know the difference between real science and guess work. Nothing new will ever be invented or discovered otherwise. It is okay to have your head in the stars as long as your feet remain on the ground. This is the only way real science can be done.

   moon landing hoax

Carl Sagan sums up very well the danger of living in a science based civilisation, but is full of people who don't understand or not even interested in science itself. There are even people now that are totally convinced the earth is flat after all. Well you can now find such characters all over the GLOBE! 

The movie 'Interstellar' is a stark warning of what could happen to our civilisation if too many people believe in nonsense. We would turn our backs to spaceflight, climate change reduction efforts etc and allow chaos to rein instead. Our food production would peak and then drop due to increasing extreme weather changes and we will enter a downward spiral toward a starving population. Only real hard science can help to avoid this depressing scenario. This is our personal mission.