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   living in space

Living in space is totally different to living on Earth. There is gravity in space but if you are free-falling forwards around the earth in orbit or on toward the moon etc. you won't feel it. I have a few clips here to express that living in space is so special... Whenever you hear an astronaut mention zero gravity, its just a short cut instead of explaining why you don't feel the gravity that is actually there. Otherwise if there was no gravity in space then why does the space station or even the moon orbit the earth? Why do we orbit the sun? There is gravity in space. Just remember that brave guy who jumped out of a balloon from space... he fell down due to gravity. Gravity is not felt in space due to free-fall effect... 

(This page was an idea by pupils at Someries Junior School, Luton Beds - Nov 2012).

Suggested clip from Wilmington Primary School; Jump out of a stationary spacecraft and you will fall down. From an orbiting craft, you won't. Skip forward around the 3 minute mark...