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Starlink Sightings  2020;


Space station & Starlink sats

This page is a  suggestion from Princethorpe College, Rugby.

The following dates / times are for sighting the International Space Station (ISS) and updates for Starlink Satellties. The times are generalised, it depends upon what part of southern England you are in. So go outside at least 5 minutes before the suggested times. We only include sightings where they are high in the sky. Do wave as ISS astronauts pass by. 

Below; two of my ISS sightings

ISS ​2020

22 March 8.20pm

23 March 7.35pm

24 March 8.35pm

25 March 7.35pm

26 March 6.45pm

27 March 7.35pm

28 March 8.25pm

29 March 8.35pm