Spare Laptops all pre-programmed ready for action. The latest cost £5.50; no expense spared.

Most of the servicing and mechanics carried out at home to keep costs down.

Since 1993, we have built up skills of servicing most of the equipment in-house and collected many spare parts. All essential spares are carried on the van such as laptops, mixers, projectors, bulbs, amplifiers, leads etc. We have a spare van, sometimes two, and hold a stock of diesel to last through a three week fuel crisis. After visiting over 7700 venues, driving around 1,200,000 miles, we have only let down twelve schools since 1994 either from being stuck completely in a traffic jam for hours, a break down, flooded motorway, extreme snow, serious illnesses, primary witness in a coroners court case, protestors, a major technical hitch and a family bereavement. All but one were re-booked for another date.

We have a generator for venues without power such as Celtic Round Houses, Marquees and Castles.

Spare Vans for reliability of the service; the rust doesn't effect the show. For navigation, an advanced Satnav is used (and a spare) in conjunction with live TrafficMaster info, and travel news bulletins.

Dome repairs are carried out in our garden on a regular basis; weather permitting.

During power shortages, we have set up our Computer / Internet / lighting to run off grid; powered by battery systems charged daily by these panels. We had four power cuts in 2019.


Monday - Friday: 9am-5.00pm

reliability of the roadshow service

Spare data projectors. All same model so parts are inter-changeable too.

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