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Below; New projector fully working in the 7.5mt dome.. March 2019. Three laptops operate the lectures.

newest equipment

We built our own revised Star Projector in May 2016. Our old model lasted 22 years after re-building it three times with new wiring etc. A friend of mine, Simon Ould of offered me his old star projector as a potential upgrade. After a few tests, I knew it wasn't going to be bright enough for my large domes, was far too heavy, nor was the power supply at it's full efficiency. I realised I would have to rebuild it from day one.

I thought I only had a 70% chance of succeeding, I took the gamble, purchased it and took off just two crucial components. After several months of planning and 3 weeks construction, I made the new design. It now has many advantages over other projectors in the mobile planetarium market.

Our next phase was to compliment this; a 4k resolution digital projector. Some of our competitors have been using a 1k system in their domes. But our domes are much larger and wouldn't project a quality image. Cinema grade 4k projectors have only just become available for the home market. Our first such unit completed; February 2019.