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our green policy

We use LEDs around the house, office & workshop. 1/20th of the power of Tungsten, 1/2 the power of Low Energy Bulbs. These are all off grid via a solar charged battery. All households & business premisis could easily aim for this system. It reduces bills, increases profit margin without putting up prices and improves energy security for the UK.

We feel that every company and organisation should have a published 'Green Policy' to show what is being done to keep it's impact on the environment to a minimum. This should be a legal requirement just as Disabled Access, Energy Efficiency of a commercial building etc. 

All equipment in our office and workshop is solar powered; scanners, computers, monitors, printers and the office lighting.  The planetarium equipment is mostly based on LED & laser technology and only take 640 watts to operate; some projectors are on solar charged batteries. Most mobiles take around 2000-3000 watts.

Booking any mobile planetarium service, helps to keep coaches off the road saving congestion & emissions. We entertain around 38,000 pupils a year, equal to 580 coach trips to a static planetarium. It also only takes up one lesson in your hall, not all day stuck in jams.   

Below; We have turned our garden into a Hedgehog Sanctuary.  We help to distribute hedgehogs from the Swale Wildlife Refuge to suitable gardens around Kent. Foxes are successfully kept out via our Sonic Fox Scarers. I know there are exceptions, but generally Foxes and Hedgehogs don't mix well.

Please do not use ANY slug pellets. Try porridge oats instead for slugs; Harmless to other creatures. The oats swell in a slug's stomach as it is so small and burst. 

‚ÄčEven our daily cuppa is sometimes solar powered.  We generate solar power for the grid and the office - around 3,900kw a year.

From 2015 (as predicted by Pete Bassett in 1985) electricity from the grid has been rationed. (Daily Mail June 2013). Large companies were bribed in September 2015 to alter work shifts to off-peak times and prevent the grid from running short of power. This prediction was made by examining population, consumption, the breaking up of the Electricity Board and increasing complexity of Geo-politics. Plus the new smart meters can potentially be hacked from anywhere in the world. An era of chaos could be about to begin.