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Monday - Friday: 9am-5.00pm

Identifying the hazards

– assessing the risk

Risk Rating

Control measures – reducing the risk Outcome
 Fire alarm sounding while the pupils are inside the dome.
MediumPresenter  lifts up the dome on one side and it will fold over to the opposite side within 8 seconds. Everyone will be outside the dome to walk to the nearest exit.
 A fire inside the school hall.
Low Same procedure as above. All domes are made from flame retardant, industrial grade, polymer fabrics.
 A power cut in the middle of a presentation.
Medium The bottom of the domes are open for emergency exit should a power cut occur. The dome will be lifted to one side within seconds
 Lead trailing from the laptop computer to the data projector.
Low A protective sock is enclosing the trailing lead, so nobody will trip over the lead. 
Problems with electrical equipment
Low All electrical devices are enclosed in wooden boxes for insulation and are connected via trip switches and overload protectors
 Pupils misbehaving while the lights are out
High If any pupils were to misbehave, the lights will come straight on to prevent anyone getting hurt or hit in the dark. It is not the presenter’s responsibility for the behaviour of the pupils

Risk Assessment & Risk Management Record 

Activity: Planetarium Leader of Activity: Mr P Bassett Group; Size: 25-120 per show. Number of Staff required from the venue: 1 or more. 

​We do not accept PAYE payments under any circumstances.

Enhanced DBS certificate available for inspection upon arrival if required.

Insured to £5,000,000 by Allianz Insurance Policy Number; LX 1848 9058

Electrical repairs, safelty checks and servicing is carried out each year by Michael Mitchell Electronics; 01795 476495.  From 29th Sept 2022, PAT testing carried out by Sure Group Ltd, 12 Reams Way, Kemsley, 07702 021628.

After setting up in over 6000 venues since 1994; no technical, safety or legal challenges have ever occurred.

the dull formalities

Health & Safety Details: Lights are on inside the dome during entrance and exit times. Intense 99.9% effective UV based sanitiser used between each performance.

Copies of British Standard Fire Certificates are available for inspection. Dome Black Cover - Flovan, tested by Hartlepool Fire Brigade to BS 5867 White Screen - T509, tested by Hartlepool Fire Brigade to BS5867. All domes are re-sprayed with 'Flame-Guard' fire retardant spray every 5 yrs tested and approved to BS5867.