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Moon Landing Hoax Nonsense.. recommended by astronauts & scientists; an Astronomy Roadshow book is available based on this.

Alien website supporting our latest book; Are We Alone? The Myth and the Science

Hedgehog Care site with an associated E-Book and signed paperbacks... well it's all nature as with Astronomy. Their population is crashing down, please help!

Satellite Spotting, a free hobby that can change the world... please try it out. 
E-book and printed books on this subject available, direct from Amazon or signed copies from our books page on this website.

A website dedicated to our Science Observatory & Wildlife Reserve Project in Arizona, USA.

We are not rich but just very careful where we put our money. The land cost just £550 an acre, and as it's in the middle of nowhere, we don't require permission or submit plans etc for construction. The whole area is free to do as we wish as long as it doesn't interfere with neighbours a mile or so away. We hope to build purchase mobile home, an online observatory, solar farm, and nature observation deck. A friend has expressed an interest in setting up a desert wildlife hospital on a nearby site.