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Amanda; Landline (01795) 420372 Office Hours Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

Secretary; Amanda's Mobile; 07779 411 939  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Presenter; Peter's Mobile;  0772 248 9738 .. Emergencies only.

email;     astronomyroadshow@virginmedia.com

At every performance, we now have on display a volcanic rock selection, a meteorite from the Asteroid belt and rare samples from the planets Mercury & Mars.

On April 14th 2017, our automated night camera in Arizona spotted this thing crossing the sky. What is it? In over 40 years of night photography, I've never imaged anything like it before. The case has been forwarded on to the Mutual UFO Network and has been recommended for an official investigation. More about this on www.northstaroasis.co.uk

UK's Largest Mobile Planetarium System

The mission of The Astronomy Roadshow is to increase general interest in science. We visit 230-260 venues / 38,000+ people a year in a dome- 900,000 since 1994; plus another 5,000 a year via hall lectures. The world faces huge problems today; Famine, Energy & Material Shortages, Climate Change, Destruction of the Natural World, New Diseases etc; all can be solved by new science and policy. By increasing the number of people involved, we increase our chances of survival or fall upon very hard times and remain stuck here on Planet Earth for centuries. The 21st century is a unique era where we get this choice of futures.

Many planetarium shows seem geared mainly toward entertainment with a little teaching, we have kept the teaching aspect as priority instead. We encourage the audience to reason, evaluate, find logic / realism and question but in an entertaining way.

Regarding school bookings, the presenter is not responsible for the pupils' behaviour. We do not give rides or allow chaotic screaming and shouting sessions. Children wandering around in the dark is a safety risk too; the lights have to go on and ruin the session for everybody... we provide entertaining science lectures only in quiet venues - regardless of age range. Allowances are made for special needs pupils / schools.. thank you.

Our service support four charities. Smile Malawai is an Orphanage in Africa sponsored by Elsbeth Beacke of Sittingbourne, Kent.    Click on either picture for the website.

The new console layout as of June 2016 with two computers, MP3 sound system, two mini and major data projectors, meteor projector and home-made star projector in the centre. It's a hybrid system unique in the UK planetarium market that keeps education as the prime objective over entertainment. The central star projector reproduces the night sky perfectly as if viewed from a dark sky site anywhere on Earth.

Established January 1994 / Owner of the Largest Mobile Dome in the UK

Prices frozen until April 2018

With four different sized domes from 4.5mt to 8mt diameter, we are probably the most versatile, reliable and experienced service of its kind in the UK.

We cater for Nursery to A' Level Physics students and beyond - not in the same lecture.

Our Books published as e-books and paperbacks. A free signed book given for every school booking. Latest out; 'Are We Alone? The Myth and the Science.'

All lectures are 180 x 360 degree projections. A brand new home-made advanced Star Projector used from 16 May 2016. It has 3x the number of stars compared to our previous model, finer, brighter and some are coloured. It includes variable speed electric drives.