The Astronomy Roadshow Mobile Planetarium

Established January 1994 / Owner of the Largest Mobile Dome in the UK

Our latest Book published as an e-book and real (in a few days)... Satellite Spotting & Operations Handbook for beginners; See BOOKS page... Show Prices frozen until Dec 2015.

With five different sized domes available, the main aim of The Astronomy Roadshow is to increase general interest in science. We visit 230-260 venues / 38,000 people a year - 730,000 since 1994. The world faces huge problems today; Famine, Energy & Material Shortages, Climate Change, Destruction of the Natural World, New Diseases etc; all can be solved by new science and policy. By increasing the number of people involved, we increase our chances of survival or fall upon very hard times and remain stuck here on Planet Earth for centuries. The 21st century is a unique era where we get this choice.

Regarding school bookings, the presenter is not responsible for the pupils' behaviour. We do not give rides or allow chaotic screaming and shouting sessions; his hearing has been damaged as a result. Children wandering around in a dark planetarium is a safety risk too; the lights have to go on and ruin the session for everybody... we provide entertaining science lectures only in quiet venues - regardless of age range. We will not change that policy or apologise for it... thank you.

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 Peter Bassett FRAS

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Proud sponsors of the Smile Malawi orphanage operated by Elspeth Baecke of Sittingbourne, Kent.


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