To reduce transmission of any virus risk to a minimum, we have adopted new regular measures...  Presenter's first jab 11th March 2021.

The ventilation system has been upgraded on all four domes to completely replace the air every 20 seconds on a constant cycle.

​The largest dome possible will be used for extra spacing between pupils at no extra cost - depending upon hall size.

Between each show, the floor and equipment will be sanitised with an intense UV light and spray to destroy 99.9% of all known germs. (The Noro virus is far tougher than Covid 19).

Presenter attends weekly tests at a clinic just 8 minutes walk from home.

A plastic visor will be worn by the presenter and a microphone rather than speaking loudly. A face covering will be worn by him as people enter and exit the dome.

The presenter will wash his hands regular, use anti-bacteria solution several times a day and have no need to enter the staff room (but will insist on using the gents from time to time).

The props outside will be demonstrated as normal, they will be sterilised but the children won't be allowed to touch for the time being (depending upon each school's policy).

We have kept our 'bubble' at home to Two. We don't visit nor have visitors at all for the time being.

No charge / penalty for any cancelled bookings due to a new lock-down etc.

Covid 19 Policy


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A sterilising UV light