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space related merchandise 

DVD ROMs;     Single, Double and Triple DVD ROMs that contain over 3000, 5000 & 8000 images, clips, animations, sound samples etc. These are digital libraries, copyright free for educational purposes only. Ideal for school projects, lesson plans, research, websites, lectures or just printing out and decorating a wall. Many images are not copyright free for re-selling and are protected by the photographer but may be used for the purpose as mentioned.

Subjects include, Apollo, Space Stations, Solar System, Deep Space, Physics, Earth Sciences, Speaches, Observatories, Launches, Space Patches, Astronaut Portraits, Scientist Portraits, 3D images and much more. 3D glasses are included. The triple DVD offer contain all the topics, the others contain various subjects that can be squeezed on. All three offers include the 3D images and 1 pair of 3D Glasses.

Single DVD £5.00 on Spaceflight or Astronomy (please specify) inc p&p. 

Double DVD £8.50 on Spaceflight & Astronomy inc p&p.

Triple £10 inc on Spaceflight, Astronomy, Earth Sciences & Physics p&p.

Cheques / postal orders payable to 'The Astronomy Roadshow.'