One of the current crew members on the Space Station is Peggy Whitson. She has already spent 377 days in space and logged almost 40 hours of spacewalking. This was the most recorded by a woman until 2012, when Sunita Williams racked up 50 hours total spacewalk time. 

Although she grew up on a farm in Beaconsfield, Iowa, a town of just 15 people, she kept telling sceptics that she was going to be an astronaut. She met her first boyfriend  as a teenager, married several years later and now both work for NASA.  He never held her back, he supported and admired every move she made toward her career. Both understand the risks of spaceflight.

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This mission has pushed her beyond 534 days in space, the US record set in September by astronaut Jeffrey Williams. Plus she is the second woman to be launched three times into space, and after her birthday is now the oldest woman to fly in space. So this mission has broken several records at once.

Her return to earth is planned for November 2017.