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Space station sightings

This page is a  suggestion from Princethorpe College, Rugby.

The following dates / times are for sighting the International Space Station (ISS). Just look for an incredibly bright moving star-like object. The times are generalised, it depends upon what part of southern England you are in. So go outside at least 5 minutes before the suggested times. We only include sightings where the Station is high in the sky. Do wave as the astronauts pass by. 

Below; two of my sightings of ISS

​28 March ​9.00pm

29 March 9.45pm

30 March 9.50pm

31 March 8.00pm

31 March 9.35pm

​01 April 8.45pm

02 April 9.25pm

03 April 8.35pm

​05 April 8.25pm