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         21st Century -

     A choice of extreme futures

Next book; The 20th century was in turmoil with two world wars.

The 21st century has already seen the increasing power of technology becoming cheaper, more reliable and available to anyone who wants it, we are facing a massive threat to our way of life; computer hacking, political vote rigging, increasing availability of satellite killer systems, nuclear weapons and missiles. What can we all do to protect ourselves?

Climate Change is looking more likely to accelerate beyond predictions and can easily become unstoppable. Food production worldwide, has become a precarious scene due to less predictable weather and migrating pests and disease; shortages of vegetables in Europe is an early warning in 2017. The largest recorded ice break-up in Antarctica is occurring right now. What can we all do to survive?

At the same time we could be on the verge of putting the first people on Mars, discovering cures for almost any disease through genetics and perhaps discover Alien life of some form any day. What can we all do to accelerate the process?

There are many parallels between recent years and the 1930's that led to WW2; including false conspiracy theories, mass migration, financial crises and many other issues. Do we have anything to worry about?

The author correctly predicted in 1985, an era of worldwide instability of an extreme nature starting around 2015; it happened. This book will explain how the prediction was made and what might the outcome of the 21st Century mean to future generations. Our way of life is far more fragile than you may think.                    Book release date to be announced...